Smoke and Mirrors Bounty Competition Rules!

Smoke and Mirrors is our newest and most intricate escape room yet and, up to now, NO ONE has escaped it!

So we’ve decided to make this a little more interesting....

We are placing a BOUNTY on the room! The first group to escape the room will win a cash prize! 

It gets sweeter… the longer the game goes undefeated, the larger the cash prize becomes!

Here are the rules:

  1. The first group that escapes Smoke and Mirrors will win the cash prize.
  2. The cash prize will start at $15,000. Each time the room is played and no one escapes, the prize increases by $500 per player. 
  3.  To qualify, players must: 
    1. Have never played Smoke and Mirrors before
    2. Allow their ID to be cross checked with our past players database, to prove that they have never played it before.
  4. Cell Phones will not be allowed in the room
  5. Prize will be awarded once review determines that all rules have been followed.
  6. Players must have not received any assistance of any kind from other players that already attempted to escape. (codes, hints, etc)
  7. Staff and close relatives of staff are not eligible to play
  8. The winning team must be willing to have their pictures and video used for marketing purposes 
  9. This Bounty Competition will run for a limited time only